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When most people think of landlords going to court, most think of safety violations or perhaps problems with the heat and hot water. Yet being a land owner, let alone a landlord, means there many issues which affect the building and the tenants which can lead to the landlord being in front of the bench of the New York Housing Court. If this has happen to you then you will want to be sure you are represented by the NYC housing court lawyer you can find. At Cohen, Hochman and Allen we have a reputation as fighters and who get results.

In and Around Criminal Issues

While landlords aren’t culpable for crimes committed by their tenants this doesn’t mean they won’t end up in court because of it. NYC landlords often have to deal with unsavory elements dealing drugs out of their building or other crimes. These criminal acts may cause the landlord to have to deal with the New York criminal court system and even the Business Integrity Commission if organized crime is involved. These are not places to have a second-rate lawyer when going before the judge! Many people have been seriously fined or gone to jail, even while innocent, because they didn’t have adequate counsel in these cases. Don’t be one of these people!

Other Courts

NYC Housing Court Lawyers aren’t just for landlords. Many businesses such as contractors deal with various agencies in the greater NYC area which may end up in litigation. If a business owner contracted to do work on historical buildings or for facilities in one of NYC’s parks then you may run afoul of the Landmarks Preservation Commission or the Department of Parks & Recreation. In addition, any business can have complaints issued against them which involve the Department of Consumer Affairs. So whether it is clearing your business reputation or fighting off a breach of contract suit, the professional lawyers at Cohen, Hochman and Allen have the experience in all of the courts systems involve to give you the day in court you deserve.

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