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Housing Court Lawyer NYC

New York City’s Housing Court is a very busy place as over 625,000 civil cases pass before the bench. By the end of 2011 the greater NYC area had 2,104,816 renters in NYC comprising 68% of the housing market. This means a lot of renters with complaints who want to go to court. The NY Housing Authority, for example, saw a 40% increase in suits filed against them by tenants in 2011. So as a landlord, you have to see your renters not only as your source of revenue but as potential plaintiff filing a suit against you. When this happens you need a competent NYC housing court lawyer like the ones you will find at Cohen, Hochman and Allen.

Complex Web of Laws & Codes

Being a landlord is not an easy thing in NYC given the many codes, regulations and laws which all must be met to be in compliance. Unfortunately it is easy to make a mistake and run afoul of the law by not complying correctly with Single-Room Occupancy (SRO) requirements or perhaps you received a notice of violation for not repairing storm damage quickly enough. Many times a landlord is simply the target of tenants who think they can cash in on perceived violations so you need a good lawyer backing you up in court.

The Smart Choice

While tenants often sue their landlords for real and perceived violations, 90% of them show up in court without a lawyer! Don’t make the same mistake as it could cost your business money you can’t afford to waste in a judgment you should have one with the right attorney at Cohen, Hochman and Allen, we fight to protect you from frivolous lawsuits and protect your business reputation.

Housing Court Lawyer

At Cohen, Hochman and Allen, our lawyers have been helping NYC area business and residents through the confusing New Your Housing Court for over 25 years. Whether it is dealing with heat and hot water violations to lead paint issues or clearing SRO/HPD violations off landlord’s records, the violation lawyers at Cohen, Hochman and Allen have a proven track record of results.

Know Your Rights!

Litigation is expensive in time and money and your business will suffer if not handled properly. If you’ve received a notice of violation or need to pursue action against something affecting your business, call a New York housing lawyer at Cohen, Hochman and Allen today at (212) 566-7081. We have a reputation as fighters and we will get results for you!